Civil Litigation

Civil LitigationThe field of civil litigation encompasses a wide birth of issues. Essentially, it’s resolving a dispute between two parties in court, not involving a criminal matter, either in front of a judge or jury. There are several traits that you’ll find in a great litigator, and we at the Bellinder Law Firm believe our attorney encompasses them all.

Our staff and lawyer at the firm believe that the ability to establish trust between attorney and client is one of the most important skills an attorney can have as a litigator. You, the client, can be assured that your lawyer has your best interest in mind when dealing with the opposing party or making decisions on how to proceed. We pride ourselves on being among the most trustworthy law firms in Jackson. Our billable hours will match minute for minute the work we do on your case. We won’t profit or promote our firm at your expense. That level of trustworthiness will extend to establishing relationships with the opposing counsel, the presiding judge and other parties to your litigation. Building trust builds credibility with those parties, making our firm a very effective legal counsel at trial. If your case goes in front of a jury, building that credibility with the panel of your peers is of the utmost importance to achieving a favorable outcome in court. Additionally, trial lawyers must maintain civil behavior in court or negotiations at all times. We extend this to our clients as well. We’ll keep our promises and treat you with respect. All our staffers have the competitive nature it takes to succeed as a litigator. We will fight hard to see that you receive justice, whether through tough but fair negotiations or an intelligent legal strategy. If you need a trustworthy, fair-minded, hard-nosed civil litigator in Jackson, MS, call us at the Bellinder Law Firm the moment you need legal assistance.

Posted by: kshain on February 10, 2016