Corporate Insurance Litigation

Corporate Insurance LitigationLike private individuals, corporations need a trustworthy insurance company to protect them from the vagaries of life. Whenever an insurance claim arises against or between a corporation or corporations, the business needs a trustworthy corporate insurance lawyer to assist with the often complex litigation. At the Bellinder Law Firm, we provide Jackson, MS, with high quality legal and litigation services. While our focus is on incidents arising from motor vehicle disputes, we are equipped to handle the often complex, multi-jurisdiction lawsuits involved in corporate insurance litigation. Our staff will work with you to assess the facts of the situation to present you with the best option going forward, whether that is settlement or a jury trial. We’ll keep you informed of the process at every step, and will be sensitive to your position in the corporate world, doing our best to avoid litigation when it is in the corporate interest. The Bellinder Law Firm can handle cases involving professional liability, product liability, losses due to criminal actions or fraud, worker’s compensation or other employment related issues and of course matters arising from incidents on the highways and roads. Our attorney is skilled in dealing with class actions and individual claims alike. We are prepared for the growth of insurance litigation arising from cybercrimes and environmental issues.

We are not the big, impersonal corporate firm that lacks a personal touch when it comes to representing clients. When we work with you, we establish a partnership where your best interests become our best interests. Whether a hacker has exposed sensitive client information or a storm has destroyed your warehouse, we will be there to protect your bottom line.

Posted by: kshain on February 10, 2016