Domestic Law

Domestic Law attorneyFamily law issues can be the most emotionally affecting matters in the law. The case may involve the adoption of a child, a stressful, yet fulfilling application of the law. These cases can involve divorce and separating a family, a stressful and devastating circumstance. You’ll need a caring professional to handle these domestic matters in any case. At the Bellinder Law Firm, we strive to be that trustworthy, compassionate and skilled legal advocate you need. Navigating the process of adoption, whether domestic or international, can be complicated and time consuming. You’ll need to collect evidence of your ability to be a good parent, deal with a number of government agencies and work with a diverse group. At the Bellinder Law Firm, we are well suited to help you get through the process and bring home that child who needs you. If you’ve decided to move forward with ending a marriage, you’re likely already in a stressful situation. You’re about to put yourself in an even more difficult circumstance, especially if you and your spouse have children and a significant amount of property to divide. We will ensure you receive your fair share of the assets from the partnership of marriage, thoroughly investigating the financial picture of your spouse. We will work with you and the courts to make sure that any children involved are well taken care of, and that the best person to take care of the children receive custody. We will also make sure the parenting partnership can continue if the situation warrants by winning the best available visitation for the parent without full or partial custody. For the highest quality domestic and family law representation in the Jackson, MS, area, call us at the Bellinder Law Firm today.

Posted by: kshain on February 10, 2016