Wills & Estates

Wills and Estates AttorneyYou care deeply about your friends and family, and you want to ensure they are well taken care of in the event you pass away. At the Bellinder Law Firm, your cares and concerns become ours from the moment you contact us for advice. You don’t have to be on your death bed or a senior citizen to consider estate planning as part of your overall financial preparedness. You could face a sudden death, leaving the state to decide how your assets and property are used after you die, and leaving any young children or the spouse you leave behind with a less certain future. Moreover, you leave an opportunity for chaos as various relatives battle over what they believe is rightfully theirs. A properly considered estate plan can help them avoid unnecessary conflict that could occur during a very trying time. We can also help you write a will. You can make your specific wishes known in the document, like choosing a person to take care of your children or a name an executor, the person who will handle all your affairs after your passing. If you don’t create a will, the local probate court will put someone in charge of distributing your property, which will cost significantly more than if you make your wishes know through a will. The attorney at the Bellinder Law Firm can help you make your will ready for a problem-free pass through probate court. Aside from helping with estate planning and writing a will, we can help make sure non-probate assets like insurance payments get to those who need them. If you’re in Jackson, MS, and are in need of help with probate planning, contact us at the Bellinder Law Firm today.

Posted by: kshain on February 10, 2016